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Summer, yet again.

2017-05-18 02:36:42 by happyhobo123

Another year has been shot, and the summer is the cool down time between reloading, cocking and firing out another one. It's odd, it, this school, year, if not this entire year, has felt so brief yet so long. Things that happened back in August and September feel as though they were in separate school years, like distant memories that I can recall far too well. 

On another note, this year has been a year of drastic improvements, for the most part at least. I've become a far better writer, and artist, than I was last year, or hell at the beginning of the year. My personal relationships have matured and strengthened, while older ones rusted and broke apart, newer ones were forged. This year has been a year of happiness, and sadness. I've won things this year. Well, more specifically, a singe thing. And it was a pretty big deal thing. Relating to art, my chosen path, the thing I think I've improved in the most. I got a new computer for Christmas, runs worse than my shitty lap top from 2013. Thanks Dell, now I know not to buy another All-in-One computer again.

Anyway, the year sucked, and it was great. I can't wait, and this isn't sarcastic, I can't wait to face another year head on. Even though I may use this site less, and less, it still holds a valuable part in my life, and to who I am as an individual.

I love you all, yes even you, and I love this weird petri dish of culture that you have going on here, and I always will love it. 

Goodbye, again.


2016-06-01 05:33:08 by happyhobo123

I believe I made a similar post last year at about the same time, and about the same thing. Summer. Another school year comes to a close for me, and, for the most of America at least, is coming to a close. Another school year having gone by, putting me past sophmore year, and, after the shortened summer break, into junior year. One year closer to college, one year closer to being an adult, etc., etc. It may be a little too late to say "I don't want to grow up yet", but I don't. I remember when I was younger, in 3rd, 4th, 5th, whatever grade, all throughout then, staying up all night browsing NG. When you're a kid things seem longer because its all new stimuli, so for me my yearly months, even early years on NG seem immense. What I watched, read, played, whatever, on NG back in 2010, and '11, all seems now unending. It's surprising what I uncovered in the span of a year. I remember being scared Shitless of the first Doctor Shroud, and I was a kid, 10 or 11, in the year 2010. Most of my six years(Six years, that's more than a third of my life!) was after the redesign, but in my head I stopped using the site, and the two years I was a member before that event seem huge in comparison ot the 4 spent after it. To me the site just lost something following the redesign, though I'm a biiiiit(if you call four years a bit) late to complain. 

              Newgrounds was my life. If I had to point to one single entity, one thing that influenced me the most as an artist, and as a person, I'd point to NG. I remember scrolling through the History, watching each of the videos to get a feel of early era flash. And to me, not having seen much at all, anything amazed me really. But the little microsm of culture that is NG has influenced me insanely. NG taught me about dark humor, sex jokes, porn(basically), and a whole host of influential and amazing things I'd never seen before. I didn't know you could do stuff with gore, or with any of this. 

        How has NG shaped your life, if anyone comments on this, and have a nice summer or whatever season it is where ever you live.